Fun Facts

Housing many of our State’s marine fish species is no simple task. See if you know the answers to these FUN FACTS questions – the answers are in the photo gallery below.

    • The Coral Reef gallery is the Florida Aquarium’s largest exhibit. Just how big and how many different fish species does it hold?
    • How much does it cost each year  to feed the fish at the Aquarium?
    • What is the heaviest shark at the aquarium? 
    • What is the longest shark at the Aquarium?
    • The largest saltwater fish  at the Aquarium? How much does it weigh?
    • What is the largest ray at the aquarium?
    • How many volunteers help manage the exhibits and annual visitors?


CLICK BELOW for the answers!


Thanks to Ashley Sutherland of the Florida Aquarium for help with the Fun Facts.