Featured Fish – Buy the Right Fish

Here you will find some featured fish that you may consider for
your aquarium.

Tropical fish come in a variety of sizes, colors and shapes. Explore by clicking on the pictures below to find out the name of the fish and look more closely at the fish. Then click on the name in the list below to find out more about it and what kind of tank is needed.


30-55 Gallon Tank



Flame Angelfish


Possum Wrasse


Royal Gramma

Flame Hawkfish

Blenny Species

55-100 Gallon Tank
Mystery Wrasse

Tobacco Basslet

Flasher Wrasse

Bluehead Wrasse

Midas Blenny

Yellow Tang

4-Eye Butterfly

Bluejaw Triggerfish

Bicolor Goatfish


100-200 Gallon Tank
Foxface Rabbitfish

Scott Fairy Wrasse

Spanish Hogfish

Small Triggerfish

Blue Tang

Royal Blue Tang

Squareback Anthias

Black Bar Soldierfish

Dogface Puffer

French Angelfish